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The 6 best signs of true love in a relationship

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The 6 best signs of true love in a relationship

Do you know what the 6 best signs of true love in a relationship are? Love really is a unique and wonderful thing. Sometimes it makes time stop and sometimes speeds it forward! But there is a big difference between love and true Love, the one with a capital “L”! True love isn’t ordinary, oh no. And it doesn’t show up often, which is what makes it authentic. How do you recognize true love? Here are 6 signs to look out for :

The 6 best signs of true love in a relationship

You can manage long distance

They say it’s the ultimate test for couples! Will your love survive the distance? A separation, and especially a long one puts things into perspective. The more people try to bring true Love down, the more it will thrive and come out all the stronger. And the couples who have already experienced a long distance relationship and are still together will find out that life gets a lot easier once reunited!

You like your qualities, but also your flaws

You are both aware that your counterpart isn’t perfect, but imperfections are the key component of charm! Because if you are in it for the long run, how can you even hope for your couple to last for a decade if your sweetheart’s habits already annoy you two weeks in?

You fight, but you fight well

Yes there are healthy ways to fight! A couple blessed with true love will know, after the unavoidable minor mishaps, how to find an appropriate way of fighting. A healthy and balanced relationship is built on two people who know how to fight and to listen to each other at the same time! Holding back your anger or opinions is not good for you, it can only delay the explosion. But if you know how to do it by staying open to communication, then congatulations, bacause most couples don’t!

You are confident

There is no competition between the two of you, or at least not in a bad way! Your love isn’t unilateral, one doesn’t give or receive more than the other. You find comfort and clarity within your respective roles : you are in your place and you feel 100% yourself thanks to the relationship.

Opposites are attracted to each other

I don’t mean by it that you can’t love each other if you are alike, definitely not! But see for yourself. What is the main cause for failed relationships? Difference. The spectrum runs from behavior and habits to tastes and centers of interest etc… So if you learn to see the value in these differences, and your partner as the missing piece of your life puzzle, then you will no doubt be together for a long time, in spite of your differences and arguments!

You only desire your sweetheart

Of course you can find a passing him or her attractive, you’re only human after all, but there isn’t an atom of desire involved. Why? Because you’re way too busy loving your partner! You don’t waste your time having fantasies about random guys, girls or anything else… You have game big time, but for the sake of your love, you vow never to yield such power? An excellent sign of having found the One 😉

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