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Texts to send after a first date : 12 texts examples to send after a first date too see them again

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Texts to send after a first date : 12 texts examples to send after a first date too see them again

Not always easy, after a first date, to know what text to send. You musn’t harass the other nor be too possessive and not act too distant either… In short, not always easy as I was saying. Here are 12 texts to send after a first date !

So here are 12 examples of texts to send after a first date :

Thanks for last night, it was awesome! When again? 🙂

I really enjoyed last night, thanks for being part of it 😉

I hope you’ve had as good a time as I did. Maybe see you soon!

Movie tuesday night?

Thanks for this first date, I admit that I’m not really used to it and that I was afraid of the result. But I am really happy because I realize that I had bad a priori on dating sites when I met a very beautiful person tonight so… thanks to them! Shall we do it again next week?

Next date, I decide 😀 I’m taking tablecloth and bottle of white wine, you take care of the nibbles and munchies. See you thursday in Central Park. It’s an offer you can’t refuse 😀

I’ve listened to the tune you’ve told me about earlier! It’s not bad, listen to this one (you choose some music you like and want to share with him/her).

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OK I’m a little bit tipsy, but I’m lucid when I say that honestly, last night was pretty cool!

So I suppose I’m entitled to taking the first step… humhum… How about we walk next to each other and at the same speed this wednesday? What say you?

I really wanna go see “movie title”, but unfortunately nobody want’s to go with me, would you come along? 😀 (Only use if you already feel close to the other, otherwise he/she might not get the irony).

It was really nice to see each other “in real life”! I thought about that movie you told me about, I saw they adapted it for the theater, how about we go together?

I really like your smile, keep it for next time!


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