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Romantic miss you messages for your love

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Romantic miss you messages for your love

The one you love is far away from you and you miss him, you want to send him a little text message to let him know you love him and that he’s the only one in your head and in your heart. Here are 10 love texts to tell your snookums you love him.

Romantic miss you messages for your love :

This simple text isn’t powerful enough to tell you how much I miss you my love.

You are in every one of my thoughts, time drags on forever when you’re not there, I miss you. And love you.

You’ve only been gone for twenty minutes and I miss you already… I love you my love.

I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, I can repeat it all I want, it still isn’t enough. I love you.

I want you to be close to me today, next month, next year and all my life. I miss you terribly sweetheart.

Time stops when you’re far away from me, everything seems to last longer. Miss you. I love you my love.

You, my princess, dazzled me with a glance, you make my heart beat on and on and I miss you. I love you and will love you all my life my love.

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You are the only one in whom I believe, I love you and I miss you way too much.

I miss your presence, come back to me quickly my love. I love you.

Without you I am lost, I miss you more and more every day. When are you coming back my love?

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