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Reconciliation messages after a fight for your boyfriend/girlfriend

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Reconciliation messages after a fight for your boyfriend/girlfriend

Here are our little reconciliation messages containing lots of hearts and benevolence after a fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend! <3 Perfect for when you don’t know how to reinstate dialogue.

8 reconciliation messages after a fight :

Meow…? I’m sorry… what do you say we hug and calmly figure it out together around a cup of hot chocolate?

My love… I don’t like it when we fight like that. I really wish we could talk together about what just happened, because acting that way doesn’t look like us… Know that I love very much and that a little fight doesn’t change a thing between us <3 I would like to have your point of view, to hear what you’ve felt inside, and if there’s anything we must change in the future to prevent this kind of situation, I am your man. I will always be your love who loves you and who wants to move forward with you, with a happy soul and a smile on my face <3 And at that I know we are the best <3

Honey, I’m not quite sure what just happened, it didn’t look like us at all… <3 In any case if you need to talk I’m available any time, and if you prefer calmly having a little bit of alone time, I would also understand and respect that <3 You can call me when you want <3

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Hey there sugar… <3 I’m under the impression you’re still a bit angry at me… <3 Again I’m sorry to have postponed our date yesterday my love, but as I told you I had forgotten it was Peter’s birthday! <3 If you want, I can time travel back to tonight and come hold you in my arms to live this wonderful and lovely evening you had planned for the both of us <3 Your love who loves you and who is ready to take on the God of Time himself to cheer you up!

Love bug <3 I know I can sometimes get on your nerves because I always want to be right… And even when I’m wrong I’m right to be wrong :p Anywho, I know it makes you angry and I hope you’re not too mad at me. How about sunday brunch and a motorcycle ride to make up for it? 🙂 Anyway one thing about which you can’t say I’m wrong is that I love you like crazy! And even you have to admit I’m right about that! 😛 Your boyfriend who loves to tease you <3

For those living together :

Sweetheart, I know you love to sulk, but if we both do that there’s no way out of the woods <3 Plus if we have a sulking contest  I know you’re gonna win, I don’t stand a chance! <3 In any case it’s an impossible task for me because as soon as I see you I give in and I want to give you a hug <3 Snookums <3 So please come out of the bathroom (which don’t smell so good ^^ but well… I know I’m partly responsible in that matter ^^) and I will wait for you outside the door like a little cat with my paws wide open to give you a soft hug <3

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Hey sweet thing <3 I’m sorry I flared up tonight… Especially because I know you were trying to do a nice thing sweetheart <3 I put notes on the wipers : one says “for dishes” and the other “for windows”… There you go love <3 That way we won’t be at each other’s throats for a couple of rags <3 In the meantime the apartment is absolutely pristine and I’m sure we won’t have to clean up for another 100 years! Your sweetheart who loves you very much and who is touched by your initiative <3

Hey honey… <3 I know you’re a little bit angry at me… or a lot… for forgetting our anniversary… but you know my love, with all the love I feel for you, it’s kind of starting to feel a bit awkward celebrating it every month for the past 4 years! <3 Not that I don’t enjoy it! <3 Just that it’s not easy remembering so often <3 Anywho, I went out to get us some sushi because I know you love them! <3 And I hope you will get out of the bathroom soon, otherwise I might eat them all 🙂 Your favorite salmon rolls with cheese, not to mention your cheese yakitori! <3 Yum, yum oh that’s so good! You should come out before it’s all gone! <3

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I hope these little text messages to send after a fight have helped you get out of trouble ar at least on speaking terms with your sweetheart and that the troubles are behind you!

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