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How to tell if a man is in love with you ? The 4 most important signs

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How to tell if a man is in love with you ? The 4 most important signs

When a man is in love (and it’s the same for women), you don’t always notice, especially if you’re looking for clichés such as red face, heart leaping out or trembling hands, but lucky for you, we today bring you the 4 most important signs you can look for if you can’t tell if a man is in love with you! How to tell if a man is in love with you ? Let’s go !

How to tell if a man is in love with you ? The 4 most important signs

1/ Words and actions

Deeds are always worth more than words! So if a man doesn’t only say things, but also applies them, keeps his promises and respects a given word, you can be sure he deeply cares about you. Because your trust is essential in his eyes. He isn’t content with remaining passive, but acts for you daily? He takes responsibility within your relationship and is proud of being with you in public? He definitely is for real!

2/ Not necessarily romantic, but attentionate

It’s a fact, many men aren’t romantics, or even very expressive for that matter, not to say emotionally prude! But even though you can say goodbye to flowers or fiery declarations, you can still be certain his love is real, because he shows it through the little things he does for you : he’s available, listens to your desires, makes you one of his priorities, is open to compromise, often has a little (sometimes tiny!) something for you whatever the time, distance, place etc…

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3/ Your problems are his

You may not be married, but he doesn’t need to be to give life to the vow of “for better or for worse”. Obstacles and problems you will encounter don’t frighten him, or make him want to escape, or diminish his love for you in any way. On the contrary, it’s in such times that you realize the strength of his attachment to you. You know you can confide in him and that he will do everything in his power so that things will go as best they can for you.

4/ He respects you

For there is no love without respect! Ever. Your man doesn’t insult you, doesn’t belittle you, doesn’t constantly judge you. Is there a disagreement between you? He lets it be known and tries to convince you, all the while respecting your position, and looks for an appropriate compromise. And he’s not into emotional blackmail, nor does he try to manipulate you to make you change your mind. Wether in public or in private, he is the same with you, and obviously he’s never violent.

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