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How to stop thinking about someone : 6 ways to get someone out of your head

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How to stop thinking about someone : 6 ways to get someone out of your head

Wether you have a crush on him but haven’t dared make a move yet, an ex who haunts your thoughts even though it’s over, or simply your sweetheart whom you can’t see for some reason, you are wondering how you stop thinking about someone, so here are 6 ways to get him out of your head :

How to stop thinking about someone #1 : Seek distractions

Yes, this advice can seem a little obvious. But it’s also the ideal way to stop thinking about him! Keep your brain and thoughts busy and you’ll soon have neither time nor possibility to think about him! Once you start committing to the activity, at least… Read a book, sing, play a game…

There are so many ways to get distracted, it’s up to you to find the one you’ll enjoy most!! The trick is to concentrate! For example, if you’re reading a book, read it for real, don’t reread the same sentence 15 times pausing in between to check your messages!

How to stop thinking about someone #2 : Count on your friends

Your friends are an ideal escape route! They will keep you constantly busy while you’re with them and won’t make fun of you if you have trouble keeping your resolutions!! So go out, go on a road trip with them, or shopping, or any other fun activity…

In short, they are your accomplices in escaping from your daily routine!!

How to stop thinking about someone #3 : Don’t relive situations over and over again

I think we’ve all done that… You relive in your head again and again things that have happened and it drives you crazy. Wether it was good moments or because you would have wanted things to go differently… Stop! It’s tough, but overthinking these kind of things really won’t help you move forward!

So become conscient that you are developing an obsession and chase these thoughts away!

How to stop thinking about someone #4 :Be aware that there’s more to life than just him

Easier say than done, I know! But it’s your life you are living, not his! Don’t place him at the center of everything. Be aware that if you keep on thinking obsessively about him, you are preventing yourself from correctly living your own life to its full extent! Which is one, a shame, and two, certainly not what he would want you to do!

So spend some time with other people, and keep your mind concentrated on things that will allow you to move forward in life, in YOUR life!

How to stop thinking about someone #5: Get a hobby

Especially if you haven’t already got one! In any case I’m sure there must be some activity you would be interested in… Drawing, writing, photography… The possibilities are endless so knock yourself out! It’s simple really, pick something you would enjoy and that will occupy both your body and mind!

Because being a slob in bed or on your couch just won’t do the trick.

How to stop thinking about someone #6 : Spend time with your family

Or you can concentrate on family. Spend quality time with them. Use your parents and siblings as some kind of sane distraction, and take advantage of these moments to renew ancient bonds!

Put all that attention surplus on your family and make it a win win situation! They will thank you for it!

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