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How to say sorry after a fight : 7 long love messages after a fight

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How to say sorry after a fight : 7 long love messages after a fight

If you’ve done something slightly wrong and your partner is now sulking, just check out our love messages to say sorry after a fight! here is how to say sorry after a fight !

How to say sorry after a fight : 7 long love messages after a fight


“Hey sweetheart. It seemed like you were angry at me earlier… know that I never wanted to hurt you and that I’m here for you and to talk about it when you want to. I love you sweetheart <3”


“Are you still sulking snookums…? <3”

Possible answer : “Yes I’m sulking! <3”

Answer : “Buuuut I looove you! I know you love sulking and that you’re even an intergalactic expert on the matter, but I have only one thing on my mind regardless : to hold you in my arms and tell you how much I love you until you forgive me!”


“I’m deeply sorry sweetie pie… I still don’t understand why I took it out on you… It wasn’t at all against you and I just think I needed a bit of rest. It was stupid, useless and I’ll make sure it won’t happen again <3 I love you more than everything… <3”


“Hey honey. I know you’re still a bit mad at me for what happened yesterday… or maybe a lot… I’m sorry, I should have listened to you and heard what you had to say… <3 How about we went on a date this afternoon? We could go to that “Walt Disney” exhibit you wanted to see? Your love who loves you and who’s sadly eating his breakfast while thinking back on what a moron he has been… <3″


“Hey my love. I can’t stop thinking about our conversation and I don’t like it when we fight like that… I love you deeply and I only want one thing : to love you even more and to be by your side day after day. I admit I got a bit carried away and I apologize for the way I behaved… I know it doesn’t look like us and that we’re worth more than that! I just feel that we do more things for YOU than for US… There, I just needed to talk to you about it, bacause I want us to share more things together and also that we go out more to discover more stuff that we would both enjoy. It’s something that’s important to me and that I want included in our daily life as a couple 🙂 I hope you will hear what I said without judgement and that you now understand better why I acted that way, even though I of course have no excuse. I love you, you are my first love, my lover, my best friend and my heart’s desire <3”

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Possible answer : “I love you too very very much sweetheart… I’m happy you talked to me about it… I understand a little better now why you acted the way you did and I understand <3 As you know, I don’t have a lot of experience couple-wise and it’s possible that I too have trouble understanding what you want or what would make you happy. If you want, next time we see each other, you decide what we do! 😀 I love you my love, and if ever you have anything else to get off you chest, please tell me 🙂 XOXO”


“Hey kitty cat. How are you…? Although I feel totally stupid asking you that seeing as I know you’re not OK… I am so sorry for hurting you… I wish I could stop time and go back, turn my tongue 1,000 times in my mouth before speaking or even eat red chili peppers before uttering these aweful words, in order to realize how stupid I was. I love you sweetheart, and once again I’m sincerely sorry… I hope you will forgive me kitty cat 🙂 Your big bad wolf who loves you!”

And now for a fun one :

“If I told you I’ve behaved like the king of douchebags, would you forgive me? <3 Meow… <3”

Possible answer : “That depends… what kind of douchebag?”

Answer : “Douchebag like an undereducated baboon that has a thing for rotten bananas! 🙁 I’m sorry… And I really wish I could make it up to you… how about I come over?”

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Possible answer : “yeahh… you can say that again… Well, OK <3 But only if you sing “I just can’t wait to be king” from The Lion King while acting like a baboon :p <3″

Answer : “Huuum… OK, but fair warning, I might lose my sex appeal… 😛  Because now I feel you’re taking me down the path of unsexyness on an extreme level! Aaaah… what you wouldn’t do for the love of your life! And for you I would do anything, even becoming ridiculous during eight generations!”

I hope you’ve enjoyed these apology texts and that they have moved you or made you smile <3

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