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Heart touching love messages for my girlfriend to reassure her

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Heart touching love messages for my girlfriend to reassure her

There are plenty of reasons for sending a heart touching message to your girlfriend to reassure her : Is your girlfriend jealous? Afraid of losing you? Not confident? She thinks she’s ugly? She fears you’re unwilling to commit? And are all of those fears unfounded? Then reassure her! We’ll help you with our 10 text messages to reassure your girfriend.

Heart touching love messages for my girlfriend to reassure her

Honey, when you tell me you don’t like yourself, I wish you could look at yourself through my eyes. You would see just how much you aren’t beautiful, but magnificent, sublime, almost unreal! You have a dream body and an angel face!

My Love, I know you would like me to be more demonstrative. I am making efforts on that part despite what you think. But know one thing, even if I don’t always say the words you want to hear, never have I loved so much, so fast. Having you in my life is my greatest happiness and I never want our hands to part.

To me you are exceptional my darling, I’m sorry I don’t make you feel the importance you have in my eyes and my desire to commit and to live our life together. I love you and I want nothing else for us than shared happiness without fear of the next day. You can count on me, always.

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Don’t be scared of the other girls, angel, they’re really nothing next to you. To me you are the most extraordinary of all women. I beg you, stop ruining your life with jealousy, there is nothing others have that you don’t, you are the best sweetheart in the word, the most beautiful, the most brilliant! How could my heart beat for someone other than you?

My little sweetheart, seeing you cry earlier shook me to the core. How can you even think it possible to lose me? What would I be without you? A piece of dead wood? Nothing, I would be nothing at all if it weren’t for you. I love you more than anything in the world.

My Love, I want us to grow old together, witness the lines being drawn on your face. I will love you forever, in life, in death, until our bodies disappear and our souls rise into eternity.

Pumpkin, you are the most wonderful of all! You impress me more every day. To me, there cannot be love without admiration and that is also why I love you in the crazy way I do! Because I admire you each day.

Bumble Bee, stop judging yourself so harshly all the time! You are amazing, believe me, I’m telling you! Asombroso! Incroyable!

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Sweetheart, know that you are right. You aren’t beautiful. No. You are THE most beautiful! (And smile, because you’re even more sublime when your smile shines across your face) 😀

Babe, you and me is for ife, be sure of it! Quit worrying, quit thinking for me and believing I don’t want to spend my entire life with you! Because it’s my biggest dream, with you I know I will be happy for the rest of my life! I love you.

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