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Happy anniversary my love : 10 love texts for your anniversary

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Happy anniversary my love : 10 love texts for your anniversary

Your anniversary is approaching fast and you feel that a special text on this happy day is just the thing to send to your love, so here are 10 examples of texts for your anniversary.

Happy anniversary my love : 10 love texts for your anniversary

Six months of shared happiness with you whom I love so much. Six months of laughter, desire, deliciousness, complicity. Thank you for the crazy and lovely moments. I love you.

I have spent the most wonderful year at your side, my love. Full of promises for life, for a future in common, for a serene love. I love you.

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For eight months I have been in your arms, happy to spend so much time with you, you fill my life with joy. Every day makes me happier, every day makes me more in love.

May our love last forever (but two years is already a beautiful promise for the future!). I love you my love

Today is a special day for the both of us. For our anniversary and for our future lovely years, I wish us joy, love and complicity. I love you.

We have had our ups and downs and we have come out stronger still, loving each other ever more. I love you.

Nine months later, I love you like it’s day one.

On this special day, I wanted to thank you for all the months we have shared and all the months to come. What a beautiful pair we make!

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Ever since I’ve known you, you have never ceased to amaze me. Happy anniversary sweetheart. Here’s to the next ten years.

Today is THE most important day of the year (after my birthday of course). More magical than Christmas, more festive than New Year’s Eve, luckier than Friday 13th, more delicious than Easter and more joyful than the first day of Spring. The anniversary of the wonderful day we met. I love you.

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