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Good night messages to my sweetheart

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Good night messages to my sweetheart

Isn’t it nice getting a good night message before going to sleep? There’s nothing like sending a cute text to your sweetheart to brighten up the night 🙂 Good night messages to my sweetheart ? Let’s go !

Good night text

My love, I imagine your drowsy eyes closing as you come and meet me in dreamland 🙂 I love you

I miss you good night text

I miss you, I hate sleeping without you, it’s like a part of me has been torn out when you’re not there! I long to be with you again…

I miss you my love text

Your eyes, your smell, your warmth, your hair… I miss absolutely everything! I want you all to myself, and tonight I am alone and my feet are cold 🙁

Romantic good night text

Love of my life, I wish I were close to you, listening to your gentle heartbeat, hearing your soothing breath, kissing you on the neck and whispering to your ear that I love you more than anything. Good night my love!

Good night text

So what if I can have all the bed space tonight? I can’t sleep with that aweful feeling of emptiness… But I do hope you can, I love you, for all of eternity!

Good night text

What I like the most when we go to bed, is watching a good movie, my head resting on your chest and my fingers twirling your hair… I can’t wait for you to come home so we can spend more of those lovely evenings together!

Good night love text

I can’t stop thinking about you tonight. Wether I’m reading or watching series, all of my thoughts are always for you. I miss you so much! I love you

Cute good night message

Honey, look under your pillow, you will find an envelope containing a note, and hundreds of kisses! Have a peaceful night

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Good night my angel text

Close your little eyes and remember the wonderful moments we have spent together last weekend, remember our sensual kisses… Good night my angel

Sensual good night message

I wish I were a little mouse to be able to watch you sleep, you are so beautiful when you sleep, you make me quiver!

Cute good night message

This text is so lucky to be able to teleport to you, I would give anything to do the same and to cuddle up in the warmth of your skin!

Good night sweetheart text

Look at the stars tonight and count them, everytime you see one, it’s me secretly sending you all the love in the world! Good night sweetheart

Cute good night text

I’m sending you a kiss, as light and as soft as a feather. It will land on your sleepy face to make your dreams even more beautiful! Good night my treasure

Romantic good night text

I don’t even need to fall asleep in order to dream anymore, because even though my wildest dream is you, you also are so real! Good night honey

Good night text

Just because you are not there doesn’t mean I don’t think about you. All the opposite! I miss you and I wish I was with you! Good night my love

Good night sweetie text

You are the most amazing man : handsome, caring, smart and loving! I am so lucky to have you! Good night sweetie

Good night message

I wish everyone could live such an intense love as the one I feel for you! Everytime you aren’t around, I miss you a bit more! Sweet dreams my angel!

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  • 💃1. I simply needed to tell you, I have never met anybody like you. Goodnight darling.
    💃2. I truly wish you were here with me so I could embrace and kiss you goodnight.


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