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Cute Text Messages For Him, Cute Texts To Send To Your Boyfriend

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Cute Text Messages For Him, Cute Texts To Send To Your Boyfriend

A cute text message to tell him how much you care about him and love him can go a long way to brighten up a relationship. Here are 10 examples of cute text messages for him !

10 Cute Text Messages For Him

Why stack up meaningless sentences when a single one is enough to tell you what I feel? I love you.

You entered my heart without so much as a knock. But somehow I had been expecting you. I love you my love.

You are the nicest, most gentle and most handsome, but after all, you are the man of my life.

Who do I think about all the time? Who do I love above all else? Who would I go to hell and back for? Several questions, only one answer… You my love.

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I see 1000, I know 100, I love 1 : you.

They say love is blind. Too bad it can’t see your beauty… I love you my love.

If I were a judge and you the accused, I would sentence you to love me for life.

Life is finally beautiful by your side. I love you sweetheart.

If you could count love as grains of sand, I would love you as a desert. I know it’s a bit corny but love makes me that way 🙂

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I wish I was in your arms, breathing in your scent and your warmth. I love you my love.

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