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8 Things To Do When He Doesn’t Text Back

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8 Things To Do When He Doesn’t Text Back

It probably happened to all of you before : you have a crush on someone, the feeling seems to be mutual, but the thing is he just doesn’t text back, but lucky for you we have 8 things to do if that happens! So relax, remember it’s not the end of the world, and follow our sound advice…

8 Things To Do When He Doesn’t Text Back :

1/ Stop thinking you are the problem

Now is not the time to worry! Unless you’ve burned his house down, lost his dog or done any other horrible thing to him, rest assured that you have no direct link with his silence! There can be a good hundred reasons that legitimately explain his lack of response!

2/ Send him a short text

Be careful not to sound too needy, don’t be a drama queen, keep a posed and serene tone. Simply ask him if everything is alright or tease him (gently) about his silence. But whatever you do, just send ONE message!

3/ Don’t harass him

Because it will never fail to have the exact opposite effect… In truth, I don’t know of a single guy (and I’ve met quite a few) who, after seeing his phone bursting with inquisitive texts, thaught to himself “oh well, it’s true I should answer this constantly harassing girl, she seems sane enough, it makes me want to contact her!”… And most of the time, you will regret what anger, incomprehension or despair led you to write.

4/ Send texts to your friends

Now it shouldn’t be about gossip, criticism or being a rat! Chances are the guy in question will hear of it eventually, and he probably wouldn’t like it, which can’t make things better in the slightest! No, do it to put your mind on other things, to keep busy and to prevent it all to turn into an obsession while you’re waiting for an answer.

5/ Try to see him in real life

The more so if you see each other often! Don’t brood over it all alone in your room, go outside to see him, find a pretext or simply wait for the next occasion you will have of speaking face to face, make a subtle hint about his silence and watch his reaction. Sometimes you will find out it simply slipped his mind : he saw your text, couldn’t answer on the spot, then didn’t think about it anymore, it happens to the best of us!

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6/ Don’t go public

Not in messages, not on social media (especially not!). No untimely status change, no public feeding of said guy to the crows. That would be immature and useless, and it will only negalively affect your relationship with him. And you don’t want that to happen.

7/ Don’t over analyze it

If your mind starts running in circles trying to analyze your previous exchanges, putting each of your interactions under the microscope, you will automatically start thinking you’re the problem and blame yourself… What’s the point in that? It won’t make him answer any faster! So let go of your phone, and occupy your mind by finding another activity!

8/ Don’t do the text sent by mistake

Nobody believes that anymore, and it’s pathetic more than anything else… So don’t thrust yourself into a desperate attempt to captivate his attention by sending him a more or less subtle text meant for “someone else”… No, you’re not 8 years old anymore, forget it!

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