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10 silly and funny messages to make him laugh

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10 silly and funny messages to make him laugh

Love doesn’t have to be serious all the time, it can also be silly and funny, so here are 10 funny messages to make him laugh!

10 silly and funny messages to make him laugh

Sweetheart, I love you more than peanut butter, and God knows I love peanut butter!

Me without you is like a lumberjack without an axe, not as sexy! (err… right…)

When I watch you snore with your mouth wide open at night, well, I still think you’re cute!

I love it when you complain, you’re so cute when you groan, like a baby lion 😀

I’m rubber and you’re glue! So please hold on to me tight… (awww…)

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My love, the connection between you and me is stronger than WIFI <3

I’ve been told my whole life to follow my dreams… which way are you heading to?

I love you, such a small thing to say and such a huge one to feel! I love you big! Like a baloon!

You and I, it must have been written in advance, it was like an enchantment, all thanks to a fairy godmother, a Cinderella story!

My life has always been great but with you in it… You are the cherry on my big yummy cake! 😀

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