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10 sexting examples you can use right now

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10 sexting examples you can use right now

If you’re in the mood and want to share it with you lover, check out our 10 sexting examples you can use right now! Here is 10 sexting examples you can use right now

10 sexting examples you can use right now

I’m so cold even under the covers! Give me a minute to put on a tee shirt!

I wish you were with me, here, right now.

I’m watching a kind of sexy video of a man who looks just like you. (Attach an explicit video of a very handsome man showing off so that your lover feels flattered 😉 )

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What are you wearing? I want to picture you 🙂

Guess what color my undies are 😉

My hands were busy but they took a break in order to send you a message.

I’m trying to sleep but I can’t. I can’t stop imagining all that I would do if you were against me…

Did you dream of me caressing you last night?

Smart men like to learn : do you want to learn or would you rather I teach you?

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My favorite dance is the one you taught me in bed 🙂

I’m hot, I’m sweating thinking about you. Your body haunts me. I think about your skin, your smell… I want to be against you, naked. Feel your caresses on my body burning with desire…

I want your body, your skin. I want you near me, I want you inside me.

Before I met you, I didn’t know that making love could mean a total explosion. Since I’ve tasted this pleasure, I can’t do without it.

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