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10 sentences used by narcissists

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10 sentences used by narcissists

It’s never easy to unmask a narcissistic pervert, especially if he is part of your immediate entourage! However, a few sentences can give you some clues. You know, the kind of short insidious sentence that possesses the power to drive you nuts without you even noticing it… Because to them, you are little more than an instrument they use to autovalidate themselves and to make their desires reality, so you must absolutely stay clear from them for the sake of your wellbeing. Here are 10 sentences used by narcissists :

You always look on the dark side of life

The narcissistic pervert, without looking it, constantly downgrades and judges you.

Don’t be so dramatic

Very often he is the one who is being dramatic about the situation and who even created it, for that matter, and he is turning the tables to make you feel guilty.

You think too much

He’s trying to belittle you and it produces a feeling of unease, of lack of freedom in you.

You don’t understand what I’m trying to tell you

He’s manipulating you by pretending that you’re mistaken about his intentions, about what he’s trying to obtain from you.

You’re crazy, it’s all in your head!

He’s trying to persuade you that you’re completely insane… He sows discord to better keep control.

But I’ve never even said that

Narcissistic perverts can’t stand criticism and will endlessly deny to the point of destabilizing you.

I’m so sorry you feel that way about it

He’s being fakely compassionate, that’s the main lever of narcissistic perverts : the guilt he’s trying to induce in his victims.

You’re too sensitive

Everything about you is prone to doubt : your skills, your qualities and even your personality!

Your reactions are too excessive

He’s trying to convince you that you’re constantly exagerating, when it’s precissely him who often acts in an excessive manner!!!

You will make me unhappy if you do that

Narcissistic perverts have mastered the art of pretending to be the victims so that you feel like the bad guy!

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