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10 messages to tell him that it’s over

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10 messages to tell him that it’s over

Telling him that it’s over is never easy, and doing so with a text message isn’t very elegant, but it can be useful, so here are 10 messages to tell him that it’s over

10 messages to tell him that it’s over

Feelings are gone, I don’t want to wait anymore because it will make us both suffer, we’re going to go through tough times but we will feel better afterwards.

I think the fire you used to light in me has been put out… Be happy, you deserve better than me. (Horrible message xD)

As time went by, so did my feelings… I’d rather step down and allow someone who’ll know how to love you the way you deserve to take my place.

I thought I loved you and I’m happy of the good times we’ve shared. I’m sorry for hurting you but it’s better if it doesn’t go any further…

I’ve closed my eyes on our life as a couple, I’m tired of hoping that it will all eventually turn out fine… I’d rather we put a stop to our relationship before we end up both suffering even more…

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There’s no more hope, I don’t want to pretend anymore, I prefer telling you it’s over…

Our relationship doesn’t work, it pains me greatly because I’ve grown attached but I just can’t anymore…

We met, we seduced but I believe we never loved… I don’t want to have to pretend anymore…

Everybody leaves some day and you can’t predict when. I’m leaving today, I am not happy with our relationship…

I’m not sure I want us to go on anymore… I’m sorry.

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