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The 10 best break up text messages

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The 10 best break up text messages

On a less joyous note, here are our 10 best break up text messages! Let it be clear that I am in no way encouraging you to break up using a text message. Unless you are extremely angry or he/she stabbed you in the back! Otherwise, sending a break up message by text clearly shows the other that you have never respected him/her and that your story together means nothing to you. (If you are 15 years old, you are however allowed to :p).

The 10 best break up text messages :

Break up text message : “I’m sorry”

I’ve loved you, more than you can imagine, but I can’t anymore. I’m sorry. It’s over.

Break up message with explanations

I have always been honest with you, which is why I also want to be today. I didn’t wake up one morning not loving you anymore. No. My feelings faded away little by little, I know it’s difficult to hear but that’s the way it is. And I don’t want to pretend. Not with you. Not after everything we’ve been through. I’d rather end things here.

Break up text message when the other leaves you no choice

I never wanted to break up with a text but you leave me no choice. You don’t want to listen and you’re always harassing me. I don’t love you anymore, please let me be. If you love me as much as you say then let me go!

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Break up text message after only a few dates

Hello [first name], listen I was never good with these kinds of messages. You are a very good person and I enjoyed the two evenings we have spent together but I can’t see myself going any further with you. I hope you’re not mad at me.

Text message to say it’s over

I would have wanted to tell you differently but I didn’t find the courage. I don’t want to keep going anymore… I don’t really have any tangible reason, just the fact that I feel far less invested than you in the relationship.

Break up text message after being cheated on

You can understand that after the cowardness you have proven of being capable of, I won’t be telling you face to face but via a vulgar message. I have not the slightest consideration left for you, I don’t even hate you, I nothing you. I am simply happy to have learned that you weren’t a good guy – despite the pretence you put up – early enough. See you never! Be happy in your life of lies

Break up message because of regular fights

I am sick of us fighting all the time, I’m sick of the yelling, the clawing. I’m tired of all that. To me, love is a bonus in life, a big bonus that makes us happier. Between us, it’s the opposite so I’d rather we ended things now. I won’t change my mind.

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Text message to break up smoothly

I’m not going to deal you the old “you deserve better” card – even if it’s what I think – because I believe it would make you even angrier. So just know that I have loved all our moments together, that I wouldn’t give them away for the world but that I have the feeling of not being ready to commit. Forgive me. Kiss.

Break up message because of long distance

I don’t feel capable of living long distance love. For me, love must be lived, felt, touched. Maybe you will say that it’s because I didn’t love you enough. In fact I think it’s the opposite, I love you too much to make you suffer six months from now, thousands of miles away. I’d rather hurt us both now…

Text message to say “I don’t love you anymore”

You hurt me, I probably hurt you too. I don’t think we’re meant to be together, I can’t picture a future with you. I have loved you but it is no longer the case today. I can’t control my feelings…

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