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10 messages to make him jealous

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10 messages to make him jealous

Making your sweetheart jealous is an art, and there are a few text messages that simply never fail. Here are 10 examples you can use when you want to play that dangerous game (warning : don’t turn it into a habit). So let’s go to these 10 messages to make him jealous !

10 messages to make him jealous

I think a guy has been checking me out ever since I got here.

Hey guess what? The waiter didn’t charge me for my beer.

I have a new colleague at work, he’s really hot!

– I loved what we did last night.– My ex also used to enjoy that.

Don’t wait up, I don’t know what time I’ll be back.

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Hey you know my buddy Thomas? I think he’s so funny!

I’m going out with the girls tonight, I might be back late, we’re probably gonna have a drink (or ten).

I can’t come, I promised Lucas (your best pal) I’d help him move into his new apartment. Next time?

Fred (a colleague) is going to the gym with me this evening.

Jeremy (your best bro) brought me coffee and a donut at work this morning. Can you believe it? He’s just the cutest!

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