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10 messages to get my ex boyfriend back

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10 messages to get my ex boyfriend back

You want to get your ex boyfriend back and I’ll tell you right away chances are it isn’t a great idea, clearly I think it’s safe to say that if things didn’t work out between the two of you, there had to be a reason, but well, if you feel compelled to send him a message anyway, I got 10 messages to get my ex boyfriend back.

But first you should know that it requires maturity, respect, intelligence and a sence of honor, if you’re going to change his mind or take back things you said, you have to mean it and sometimes make amends…

So I listed 5 good ones according to context, and 5 bad BAD HORRIBLE ones to show you which paths not to take!

10 messages to get my ex boyfriend back :

1/ 5 good texts :

If he broke up with you because of something bad you did :

“I just wanted to say I’m sorry, maybe we can talk about it and figure it out…”

If you broke up with him because of something bad he did :

“Look, I’ve been thinking, and this is just stupid, we’re worth way more than that…”

If he broke up with you because he got scared of commitment :

“Hey, maybe I got a bit ahead of myself, I can’t erase my feelings, but we can maybe slow down and take things more casually?”

If you broke up with him because you got scared of commitment, but now realize how much you love him :

“You’re going to hate me for this, but this time apart made me realize many things… wanna grab a drink later?”

Whatever went wrong, let’s talk business :

“Alright, we both know we want to, so how about we both suck up our pride and agree it was just a big misunderstanding?”

2/ 5 bad texts :

WARNING : once again, those are here to show you what you shouldn’t be sending to anyone. Ever.

The suicide threat :

“Life is just not worth living without you, if you won’t pick me up, I guess this is goodbye to you and to everything else. I already feel dead inside anyway…”

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The sl*t factor :

“I hear you got a new GF, should I send her our sex pics or do you wanna come over and take some new ones?”

The stalker :

“If you continue not answering me, I will call your parents, and if they don’t pass me over to you, I will come at your house every f*****g day until you understand we’re meant for one another, you hear me?!”

The jealousy trick (his name is Greg) :

“Oh Mike, last night was fantastic… now I’ll think about everything you did to me all week… <3″

The psycho :

“I’ve already started telling everyone how small your d**k was,  and if that’s not enough, well your cat goes through my yard all the time poor thing… it’s so dangerous outside after dark, I’d hate for you to find him nailed to your door one morning…”

But really, don’t get back with your ex. Notting Hill is a movie. Chandler Bing was on crack, went to rehab’ and got obese. Life goes on and the next person will be better.

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