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10 fun and emotional messages for your baby birth announcement

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10 fun and emotional messages for your baby birth announcement

After waiting for nine months, you are now the proud parents to a tiny little baby, and already you have to think about the birth announcement, and so to help you, here are 10 examples of fun and emotional messages for your baby birth announcement !

10 fun and emotional messages for your baby birth announcement :

Hey! After a long trip through mommy’s belly, I have decided to settle down. I’ve heard a great deal about you and I’d love for you to come around . (Signed baby’s name).

We are proud to introduce (baby’s name), who turned up on (date and time), to our greatest joy, we hope you can meet him soon.

(For a little girl) : with her sparkling eyes, her ravaging smile and the cutest face, our pretty little pincess will steal your hearts. Get over here, she can’t wait to meet you. XOXO

WANTED !!(Baby’s name)Escaped on (date)(Weight, size)This individual is wanted for causing a disturbance at night, diaper damage, abusive comsumption of dairy products.Be vigilent and don’t let his small size fool you, he carries a plush toy and a pacifier at all times.The reward is set at 10,000 sweet kisses to whomever comes to visit the charming newborn.

When we started off, there were two of us, sort of afraid, a little anxious. Now we are three, our happy eyes full of wonder, with our tiny sweetheart in our arms. Come visit the wrinkled baby, the bloated mom and the exhausted dad!


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I was really comfy in mama’s belly but also very impatient about meeting dad, so I decided to put an end to this dilemma on (date and time). I’m waiting for all those who have been with my parents from the start so that we can be introduced.

Dad’s running everywhere and mom’s sleepwalking,  I think they love me already. My name is (baby’s name) and I was born on (date and time).

Special thanks to the stork that helped us take a new step by bringing ( baby’s name) to his crib, he arrived on (date and time).

After a few months or doing somersaults in mom’s tummy, I felt like meeting dad, my name is (baby’s name), I was born on (date and time).

10 little fingers, 10 little toes, eyes like stars and charming little nose. (Baby’s name, date and time). To his parents’ greatest happiness.

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