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Newborn baby birth congratulation text messages

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Newborn baby birth congratulation text messages

The birth of a new born baby, wether it’s the first or not, is always a wonderful and happy moment, and to celebrate it as it should be, a nice little text message of congratulations to the happy couple is always welcome, if you can’t tell them in person or if they’re too tired to see you! So here are, to inspire you, a few examples of baby birth congratulation text messages :

Newborn baby birth congratulations text messages

A new life, new experiences, new discoveries… A whole new adventure awaits you! Congratulations for your adorable baby!

May your child grow up and blossom amongst joy and love from his parents, congratulations on your family’s latest extension!

The arrival of a baby always comes with its share of joy and amazed smiles. My congratulations, we will prepare a very warm welcome for [baby’s name]. May he live a long beautiful life full of love and laughter!

Our congratulations for the recent arrival of this adorable little boy/girl! It’s such wonderful news!

Welcome to [baby’s name] and congratulations to Mom and Dad! We wish you all a life of love, health, laughter and joy all together!

Welcome to our big and beautiful family, [baby’s name], we can’t wait to see your adorable face!

A baby will make your happiness grow, reduce your days, lengthen your nights, decrease your bank account, enlarge your love and illuminate your home and your hearts. Our congratulations, your [baby’s name] is proof that the biggest joys are brought by the smallest things.

50% Mom, 50% Dad, 100% [baby’s name]! Congratulations for this beautiful birth, we are glad to hear that all three of you are well!

My congratulations for this small miracle! From now on, not a single day in your life will seem ordinary, believe me! I wish you to live many moments of happiness with your child!

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