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10 creative and romantic date ideas for warm weather

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10 creative and romantic date ideas for warm weather

If you want to take advantage of the warm weather and sunlight to go outside with snookums and have a creative and romantic date, check out our 10 ideas! You can do them as a couple, but also with friends! Here are 10 creative and romantic date ideas for warm weather

10 creative and romantic date ideas for warm weather

1/ Take a blanket and lie down in your garden or in a park

Lie down next to your sweetheart and daydream while looking at the sky wondering what your life will be 10 years from now.

2/ Have an aperitif

Sit down comfortably in your garden or in a park and treat yourselves to a cool, light and flavored bottle of wine (“Fruits and Wine” brand if you can find it!) The perfect beginning to an ideal summer evening.

3/ Get in your car and open the windows

And off you go to a place you know – or want to discover…  You can stop to try new restaurants, to visit interesting places or to, err, use the back seat (if you’re in the mood and if it’s not to crowded).

4/ Hop on deck, sailor!

Go on a river mini cruise or enjoy a meal on a floating restaurant. It never fails to create a romantic atmosphere, and the surrounding water will refresh you.

5/ Go to the zoo

Be children again, enjoying delicious ice cream cones while walking hand in hand in a zoo, and admiring exotic species.

6/ Take a nature night walk

In the countryside, through fields, in the forest, mountains or on a beach, take advantage of a calm moment surrounded by nature. Don’t forget to prepare a nice picnic.

7/Go to the movies

Most movie theaters are air conditioned, and you can share some pop corn. Classics never die.

8/ Organize a karaoke night

With friends or just for the two of you. The perfect opportunity to have fun, sing your favorite tunes and wreck your sweetheart’s ears.

9/ Simple date at a bar

You can talk about your plans for the future or the holidays, you can laugh, you can seduce each other like it’s the first time you meet. Even better in summer are rooftops and terraces.

10/ Stay in bed and…

Open your windows wide (if you’re sure not to disturb you neighbors) or turn on the fan and… you know what to do! Or make activities at home !

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