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8 april fools text messages for your boyfriend

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8 april fools text messages for your boyfriend

If you enjoy April fools’ day jests, jokes and everything in between, this list is for you : our 8 april fools text messages for your boyfriend!

8 funny april fools texts

Funny april fools texts #1

I have some good news : I just won a trip for two in Hawaii and I thought about you… Can you look after the cat while I’m gone?

April fools! It’s with you that I want to travel. I love you!

Funny april fools texts #2

I want to do it with you, feel your body against mine. I want our hearts to beat faster and faster. I want to perspire with you, I want us to be out of breath. Wanna go running?!

April fools, let’s not go running! 😀

Funny april fools texts #3

Magnificent, a once in a lifetime beauty, terrible as the dawn, perfect, but enough about me, how are you?

April fools, you are magnificent my love!

Funny april fools texts #4

Your parents got a ticket from the police. They flagged you for speeding at 30 miles over the limit. The fine is pretty bad… They are afraid to tell you about it, they don’t know how you will react. You should get your phone and call them asap…

April fools hahaha I love you!

Funny april fools texts #5

Congratulations, you just won first prize for the smallest manhood!

April fools, you’re perfect my love.

Funny april fools texts #6

I wish I could hold you tight, stroke you as you like it, feel your vibrations calling me, I wish I coud sleep with you, my tender Tamagotchi!

April fools my love.

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Funny april fools texts #7

I’ve looked for you all night, I wanted to sleep with you, to feel you against my body, to be inside you but you were nowhere to be seen… Where were you my pyjamas?

April fools sweetheart, don’t sulk muahaha

Funny april fools texts #8

I don’t mean to brag  but I cooked pasta for dinner tonight.

April fools, a good meal awaits your speedy return my love.


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