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Text to make him want you : 15 messages that will make him want you

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Text to make him want you : 15 messages that will make him want you

Feeling ready to make him want you with a text while he’s at work? Well you’re in the right place, with ideas that will totally turn him on!! 😉 Here is a selection of text to make him want you to spice things up… Enjoy!

Text to make him want you : 15 messages that will make him want you

What would you like me to wear in bed tonight? 😉

I don’t know why, but I’m dying to have your body against mine… To feel your skin against mine… Hurry up and get home!!!

I really wish you were right here, right now, I’m so turned on…

I bought a good book, very interesting, but also quite hot, can’t wait to read it with you tonight… In a nice warm bath…

I’m trying to sleep but I can’t stop thinking about all the things you would do to me if you were with me right now… *.*

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What is your biggest fantasy? Maybe I could help yours come true if you help me with mine in return… 😉

I want you, in how long can you be here?

I dreamed about us last night, each in turn we were slave and master, I woke up all sweaty, and since then I can’t chase you from my thoughts…

Do you want to play a little game with me? I must warn you it’s a bit naughty… 😉

Did you check me out when I got out of the apartment? Because I never grow tired of admiring your magnificent backside, which distracts me from my work by the way!!

Did you ever go skinny dipping? I suddenly feel like going with you, just the two of us, like we were the last two people on earth…

If I was with you right here, right now, where would you like me to touch you?

For you, what is the perfect forplay?

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I just bought some veery alluring undies, can’t wait for you to discover them tonight… 😉

Guess what I’m thinking about! A clue : it involves my tongue, and your body. Naked…

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