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How to apologize to someone you love ? The 15 best apology messages ever

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How to apologize to someone you love ? The 15 best apology messages ever

There are many different ways to apologize to someone you love, and depending on the situation, the issue might be very serious or only based on a misunderstanding, but whatever the case may be, you can take a look at the 15 apology messages we have come to consider as the very best, ever.

What I’ve done was completely stupid, I’m sorry. If I could erase it, I would without question. Only fools don’t change their minds as they say. I realize now that you were right from the start and I apologize. I sincerely didn’t want to hurt you and I regret doing so. I’m asking from the bottom of my heart for your forgiveness. I love you and I absolutely don’t want to lose you. 

Here are more precise apology texts depending on the reason for the fight :

You haven’t warned him you would be late

I’m sorry I got back so late, I didn’t want to worry you. I couldn’t warn you directly and so I preferred hurrying up so as to not be even more late. Sorry if you worried. It was a bad chain of events but nothing serious happened. Many kisses. 

You had one too many and got home drunk

Yes I know, I really outdid myself last night. We lost track of things with the bros and I drank too much. I know you don’t mind when I drink a little or have fun, but you were right to not appreciate it this time. Considering in what state I came home, saying I went too far is an understatement. I’m sincerely sorry, and I don’t want to sleep on the couch, so I promise that the next time I party a bit too hard, I’ll be careful and take my responsibilities! XOXO

You took a decision regarding your household without advising her regardless of the fact you are living together

OK it’s true I should have asked you what you thought before buying it. I wasn’t thinking, I acted on a whim, it was selfish. I know we’re on a budget and we have to prioritize. And that you would have liked for us to choose together. In fact I have no excuse, I just acted impulsively. Please forgive me sweetheart. 

You went into silent mode after a fight

Forgive me for my impulsivity, you know how I get, I preferred leaving rather than saying words out of anger which I wouldn’t have meant. I admit it’s cowardly and even maybe immature to run away from discussion and that it’s no way to make things better. I hope you will accept for us to talk tonight, I promise you I will not look the other way or antagonize you. We can have a calm conversation. I don’t like being angry with you and you know it… See you tonight? I can’t stop thinking about you. 

You don’t take your role as a parent seriously enough in everyday life

I don’t see our children as a constraint and you know that very well, you also know how much I love them! But you’re right and it’s true that I rely on you for a great many things. Homework, rugby practice, cooking… I’m sorry. I left it all to you, selfishly relied on you without thinking. If it’s OK with you, how about we discuss it calmly tonight when we get back home, and leave no stone unturned to see what we can agree on? I don’t want to be that parent who doesn’t give a shit. I love you all very much. 

You leave most of the daily chores (cleaning, shopping…) to your partner

I’m sorry I let you take care of everything in the house. I know you’re sick of being the manager, that you are tired and I don’t want us to fight about that anymore. I’m not a macho, I don’t consider you to be my maid and you know it! And you’re right, it’s just that I tend to listen to myself too much. Please forgive me sweetheart, I promise I will make more efforts and help you, I don’t want to provoke irreparable damage between us because of that! 

You have been inconsiderate and hurtful with one of your remarks (weight gain, clothing, etc…)

You asked me how I thought you looked, I made a blunder, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you! Of course I think you’re beautiful, that I find you attractive. I was probably tactless concerning what you were wearing/the fact you put on a few pounds, but it isn’t important, I love you the way you are. You know that so please don’t be upset honey! 

You forgot an important date (birthday, wedding/relationship anniversary)

I have no excuse, I’m aware of that. But you know I’m bad with dates. I just want you to know that I didn’t want to hurt you on purpose by forgetting our anniversary, absolutely not. I promise you I will make some efforts. If you agree to forgive me, I have a surprise for you this weekend. I love you. 

You haven’t supported her after an argument with a member of your family (your mother for example)

Just because I didn’t say anything doesn’t mean I agree with my mother, on the contrary : it’s just that I know how she can be. I didn’t want to make matters worse. And at the same time, I realize I have let you manage a delicate situation alone when you needed my support. You have nothing to feel sorry for, I apologize for not having reacted on the moment. I will deal with the problem, that’s a promise. Please forgive me, I love you. 

You aren’t attentive enough and he/she has doubts about your feelings and your sense of engagement

I’m not a romantic, it’s true, nor am I the most attentive of men, I’m not going to argue with that. I’m sorry that you sometimes feel frustrated but in no case must you think that it means I love you less or that I’m not committed to you. On the contrary. It’s just the way I am, less outgoing than you are, and I don’t think about all those little things you enjoy so much. Please forgive me, starting today I will think about them. But most importantly, believe you me, I love you, and telling you so everyday doesn’t require me to go out of my way in the slightest. 

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You have been checking out another man or another woman

You must know that it was totally innocent, unimportant. You can think somebody’s pretty without your thoughts going any further. But I understand you didn’t appreciate it, and had the table been turned, I probably would have felt a hint of anger or jealousy myself. I’m sorry, to me it was only a detail and I never wanted to hurt your feelings. I see the others but you’re the only one I look at. Please forgive me sweetheart. I love you. 

You lied to him/her (where you’ve been, with whom…)

No lies, that’s a rule between us, I’m aware of it and I understand you’re angry. But please, don’t cast doubt on all the trust you had in me just because of this one mistake, I meant no harm by hiding what I was up to from you or where I was, I just thought it was unimportant. I hope you can believe me, please answer. 

You’ve upset him/her by turning down sex

I know being tired isn’t necessarily an excuse and that it can be upsetting, but it’s the only one I can give you for last night. Of course I still want you, you musn’t doubt that, it has nothing to do with desire, I just wasn’t in the mood because I was so exhausted. I apologize. I promise you more cuddles than you can take until you forgive me. 

You have talked to your ex or seen him again

You probably consider it inexcusable, and I can understand that but I assure you that you have nothing to be afraid of, he asked me to meet him to put things straight, but you know I don’t care about him, that there’s nothing anymore. You are the one I love. I’m angry at myself, I didn’t want to make you suffer let alone hide it from you. I hope you will accept my apology and admit that I have been honest. I promise I’m not hiding anything from you. Answer me, I miss you. 

You have judged him/her on his/her emotional baggage

When we first got together, we promised not to hide anything important from one another nor to judge each other. You are right, I have been stupid yesterday. Moronically judgy, jealous even. Knowing that you’ve had all these men/women in your life before me, it drives me crazy sometimes. But I don’t judge your past, your life, I’m just angry against all those who haven’t been able to love you the way you deserve. Please forgive me for having been clumsy, for hurting you. It really wasn’t my intention. I love you and I miss you. 

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