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Good morning sweetheart messages

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Good morning sweetheart messages

The sun rises, your alarm clock goes off, it looks like it’s going to be a good morning and your first thought is for your sweetheart so you want to send him a message! You want to say “I love you” to him and show him your love, but how can you vary a little from your usual messages? Take your pick amongst our 10 texts below to say good morning to your soulmate!

10 good morning sweetheart texts

Hey there sweetheart! <3 I just woke up and all of my thoughts are directed at you… I miss your scent and your hugs…

Good morning honey buns! <3 I just finished getting ready and now I’m off for work! 🙂 I miss you already…!

Good morning sweetheart. I just woke up but I’m still in bed, thinking about you… Want to be against you… <3

Hello Darling! I hope you’ve slept well and that you’ve had nice dreams! Miss you.

Good morning love! <3 Did you sleep well? <3 Me, I couldn’t get you out of my head…! Can’t wait to see you again tonight…!

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Sleep well sweetheart? <3 Love you <3

Hey sweetie pie! How wonderful it was to finally have the whole covers to myself for the night :p Hahahaha! However, I did miss your cuddles…

I miss our morning kisses and hugs already… Looking forward to meeting up with you tonight kitten!

And if your special one was at your place the night before, here are two fun suggestions :

Hey cuddle bunny! Sleep well darling? I finished your guava juice this morning at breakfast :p <3 And it was excellent! Anywho, I love you!

Good morning my love! 😀 I noticed you forgot your sweater yesterday! It still smells like you… I miss you!

We hope these ideas inspired you or braught back happy memories! <3 Have a great day with your sweetheart!

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