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10 merry christmas messages to my love

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10 merry christmas messages to my love

It’s Christmas, which means it’s time to get merry and joyful and full of love, but if you can’t spend the holyday with your sweetheart, discover our 10 merry christmas messages to my love !

10 merry christmas messages to my love :

If you see a fat man with a long white beard going into your room tonight to take you away, don’t worry… I asked Santa if I could have you as a gift this year 😀

I heard Christmas was the most magical moment of the year… To me, any day spent with you is a fairytale! Merry Christmas baby angel

We’re far away from each other on this beautiful Christmas day, but all my thought are pointed at you nontheless my Love. I would have given anything to spend the merry holidays with you! In the meantime, a tender virtual kiss for you 🙂

You are the best present life ever gave me sweetheart, I love you, merry Christmas!

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May your Christmas be filled with love and happiness sweetheart, there will be many more we can share together!

Just a small text to wish you the most wonderful Christmas ever! Can’t wait to come back to the most beautiful treasure in the world 😉

My Christmas wish is to forever be at your side, and for you to be happy with me and fulfilled within our couple. I love you my Love! Merry Christmas!

Everyday is a party with you, everyday is a gift, and I don’t know how to say thank you for what you have turned my life into! Merry Christmas my treasure!

Merry Christmas angel, see you tonight to catch up on the celebrations! I got the biggest surprise in the world for you, brace yourself!

I miss you, I wish I could have been with you tonight. Good thing we’re not apart much longer, give all my love to the family, I wish all of you all the happiness in the world!

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