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10 Flirty Pick Up Lines And Messages to Text your Crush

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10 Flirty Pick Up Lines And Messages to Text your Crush

Eve since they’ve been invented, text messages have been used as a mean of seduction, so whip out your phones, because here are 10 flirty pick up lines and messages to text your crush! Don’t you love that feeling? Choosing your words carefully, euphorically sending a message full of sexy innuendos, wondering if your sweetheart got it, and impatiently waiting for an answer! Playfully waiting several minutes before texting back (even though it took you less than a second to see it) so as not to appear too psycho 🙂 Here are 10 flirty pick up lines and messages to text your crush !

10 Flirty Pick Up Lines And Messages to Text your Crush :

Good evening Lady Dearest, I was wondering wether you were interested in my buttocks? I have noticed they had positively caught your gaze this afternoon and I am glad to announce they will be the object of an exhibit tonight! With my deepest affection, your brooding beau with the sublime buttocks..

I’ve just stepped out of the shower and I’m thinking about you… <3 If you behave I will send you a picture of me naked at midnight… <3 You’re in luck, my devoted personal photographer has kindly offered to work overtime to help me out… I think a raise is in order!

Madam, I believe I absentmindedly took your panties with me this morning! They are well hidden from my colleagues’ eyes, and my offer is to give them back to you tonight, and perhaps even claim a reward? Seeing as you are a regular, the delivery fee is on me!

Hey beautiful! I hope the sleepless night hasn’t been to hard on you! I have a project presentation this afternoon and I find it difficult to concentrate… Your body haunts me… I wish I were in a very different kind of meeting right now…

Hey pretty lady! I’m at the office right now, and no, I can assure you that none of my colleagues have as beautiful a backside as you…! Grrrr…! All I want to do is find you and tear off all of your clothes!

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As I’m imagining your naked body against mine… I unfortunately find myself unable to remain profesisonal in the workplace <3 I have an afternoon meeting and I hope I don’t make a Freudian slip… ^^

The forecast this morning was for sun all day in the chest area and for a storm tonight below the belt…! Don’t forget to dress accordingly this evening if you don’t want to get wet…! This was the weather text at your service!

I drew myself a princess bath and I’m thinking about you among the bubbles… <3 How’s your evening? 😀

Possible answer : Well isn’t that mental torture!! I’m so sad… Now I can picture you naked with bubbles… Grrrr! I shall have revenge!

Good evening Miss, how would you like it if we had a lightly dressed dinner date at home…? If my proposal suits your taste, I shall have the butler go grocery shopping immediately!

In my sexy outfit, wearing my prettiest high heels and waiting for you…! <3 And hurry up because Madam doest like to be kept waiting! If you don’t want a spanking, that is!

Possible answer : Oh my god!! I’m running, I’m flying! But I have to admit that running with an erection isn’t easy! At the risk of sounding unsexy, my running right now kind of makes me look like Gollum from the Lord of the Rings!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these naughty little texts and that you took pleasure reading them! Use your imagination and release the butterflies in your boyfriend/girlfriend’s stomach!

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