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10 emotional wedding congratulations messages examples

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10 emotional wedding congratulations messages examples

If you want to write an emotional congratulations message to the groom and bride after their wedding but your screen remains desperately blank, you have come to the right place, for here are 10 emotional wedding congratulations messages examples !

10 emotional wedding congratulations messages examples

Sophy, Julian, we wish you love and happiness forever! Congratulations!

Sophy, Julian, I was so moved by your wedding! You’re both beautiful and full of love, and we wish it lasts you at least a lifetime! Congratulations again for this wonderful wedding.

Sophy, Julian, congratulations again to the both of you! Thank you for the invitation, the wedding was incredible, I was truly touched! We could all see how in love you both are and that brightened up even further this already perfect day 🙂 I wish you both eternal happiness!

Sophy, Julian, you have made us cry, your love is as beautiful as it is touching. And contagious! Congratulations my friends!

Sophy, Julian, your wedding was simply sublime : love, joy, tears, dancing, laughter! The day you unite is only the first of many, each to be filled with love! Congratulations once more!

Sophy, Julian, it was such an inspiring delight to see you so happy together! You’re both beautiful! Congratulations for your wonderful wedding!

Dear bride and groom, what a marvelous day you have treated us to! It was so emotional seeing you together and overflowing with love! And to think it’s just the start of a lovely and joyful life! Congratulations again to you both!

Dear bride and groom, receive our best wishes of happiness for this new step in your life in common.

May this great day be but the start of a tender life full of joy. I doubt not that your marriage will prove to be rock solid 🙂 I love you guys, congrats again!

From the very beginning, it was obvious you were going to end up together. I’m happy I’ve been there to witness it. I must admit I cried, you were both so touching… I wish you love, happiness and then even more love!

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